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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 15, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the man who swam five hours to save his family. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. the nation reacts to the george zimmerman verdict. >> rallies across the country from new york. protesters march through the streets of los angeles. crowds briefly blocked traffic. >> president obama said we're asking for calm. >> naacp is at the justice department. >> you think he would, if he would, he would carry a gun again? >> yes. even more reason now, isn't there? >> a new report out there that says edward snowden has highly sensitive documents on how the national security agency works. >> every day he's on the run, he puts the united states national security at risk. >> william burns is in egypt.
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he's the highest ranking official since the ousting of president mohammed morsi. >> he played in a polo charity match. >> do you have any recommendations for names? >> david. a star was found dead this weekend in a canadian hotel room. >> the nation record holder admits he tested positive. >> a tv station live on the air. >> all that -- >> carly rae jepsen. this may be the worst pitch in history. jordan spieth, the first teenager wins. a 6-year-old boy who was buried alive at an indiana sand dune was buried alive. >> i hope we get to meet him,
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because he's extraordinary. indy 500 winner accepts his trophy. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. i missed you. out of sight, but not out of mind. >> welcome back, charlie. we missed you too. we begin with this. there's emotional reaction after an acquittal of george zimmerman. a jury found him not guilty saturday night in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. on saturday large crowds marched into the streets well into the night demanding for justice for martin. interstate 10 was shut down. >> in philadelphia they protested and in atlanta there were a number of demonstrations over the verdict. we begin with don dahler in times square where hundreds of
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protester s gathered last night >> reporter: good morning, norah, good morning charlie. the demonstration began in downtown manhattan and moved upstate to the bronx. that's a distance of over nine miles. the new york police department says it was peaceful. protesters started gathered sunday afternoon, a day after the acquittal of george zimmerman. >> justice isn't looking out for us. this verdict has set us back in this country and that's why we're all out here today. >> reporter: soon hundreds of people were marching north to times square, taking over city treats and bringing traffic to a standstill. >> justice for trayvon martin. >> reporter: many believe it was a clear case of racial profiling that led to trayvon martin's death and that the justice system prevailed. >> if the roles were reversed, that man wouldn't have got off.
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>> reporter: politicians took to the airways. >> the fact is we have the best judicial system in the world and we respect it. >> if the rule is you've about got to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, there was reasonable doubt there. >> it was a devastating verdict. >> i worry about the young black kids out there who see a justice system that doesn't maybe respond to them. >> reporter: this is an ongoing debate under the circumstances ore trayvon martin's death. protesters say they're planning more protests in the coming weeks. the nypd says there were only minor arrests but the protesters say this is far from over. in fact, there's another rally scheduled for this weekend in the bronx. charlie and norah? >> don dahler, thanks. the president said, quote, i know this case has elicited strong passions, and in the wake of the verdict, i know those passions may be running even higher, but we are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken.
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>> george zimmerman face as new set of problems as he moves onto the next chapter of his life. the case first received national attention when mark strassmann reported it right here on "cbs this morning" in march of last year. he joins us now from sanford, florida. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. there have been all sorts of perceptions of him from that f t a vigilante to a victim who stood his ground. not everyone is eager to have him back. zimmerman has his freedom back. his gps ankle monitor is off and he can travel any america but he'll never have the life he left before he killed trayvon martin. attorney mark o'mara defended zimmerman. he said the crime watch volunteer will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his
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life. >> he has to be sr. cautious of his safety because there's a fringe element who have said through tweets and everything else, they want revenge. to his critics, zimmerman's name has become a racial flashpoint sniet boils down to you've about got a 17-year-old kid who was minding his own business, wearing a hoodie, and gets accosted, gets followed by an individual who wants to be a cop. >> reporter: the department of justice has said it will now review the trial records for possible civil rights violations. zimmerman once dreamt of a year in criminal law enforcement. he could again. but first he has to live with the fact that he shot and killed an unarmed teenager. don west helped defend him. >> this is something that will be hard to get over. there's no winners here.
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there's no monster here. that's the tragedy. >> reporter: now that the verdict is in, the court will release all the case evidence. charlie and norah, zimmerman could reclaim the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. >> jack ford is with us, what might the just cities department do? >> they said, we'll take a look at this and decide whether there should be any prosecution. the answer's not necessarily. if he was tried again, it wouldn't be for murder and manslaughter. there are certain situations where the same set of facts and circumstances can give rise to different state and federal charges. here ooh's what happens. the state justice department is always very cautious when there's been a state-level trial. >> isn't there a high standard? >> very high standard. it's not enough to disagree with the verdict historically. what they'll do is jump in if f there was a failure to
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prosecute. there's a lot to look at, including is there anything different here so statistically it's not probable that it would happen but we've seen in the past, for instance, the rodney king case. it's certain they'll say we're going to do that because he's black. >> don't they have to show or suggest some sort of racial animus? >> yes, that he violated his rights because of his race. that's the important part for the federal department. >> that's one avenue. what about the family in a civil case. >> they could file a civil case and probably a good comparison. we were talking about this in the o.j. simpson case. civil trials are very different. first of all, you're looking for monetary damage. there's no jails involved. it's the families against each
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other, but there are differences. the zan ard of proof is much, much lower. also in a civil trial they could compel george zimmerman to testify where he couldn't be compelled to testify in a criminal case. >> what kind of second-guessing will there be? >> we talked about this. it wasn't a slam dunk. it's an easier case to prove than murder, but the reality is with trials and verdicts, there's always disagreement, but here there shouldn't be real surprise. >> jack ford, thank you. and nsa leaker edward snowden has documents he claims detailing how the national security agency actually works. that's according to his main contact in the press, glenn greenwald. it could show people how to evade nsa surveillance. >> snowden spoke to reporters
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friday for the first time since he arrived at the moscow international airport. >> a month ago i lived at home with great family in great comfort. >> our senior correspondent job miller is with us. he's the former assistant to the director of national intelligence. good morning. >> good morning. >> if he has the nsa blueprints, what does that mean and how damaging could it be? >> what it means is in every program in the nsa, there's usually a brief document that explains what the program is, what it's for, how it works, how it relates to other programs. it won't have the collection platforms, meaning if we had a bog in putin ice program it wouldn't lift that. if you were an adversary, you
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would look at that and say, oh, this is how it works, so let me use countermeasures to close up the vulnerabilities. it could be very helpful to the u.s. edward snowden has been viewed by some as a whistle blower. now he's saying i know how they work and anybody can evade it. what's the motive behind it now? >> that's hard question. our story begins simply enough. i want to tell americans in the dragnet that sweeps up communications of terrorism spies, some of their communications get volumevacuum that and people might look at it. it's a very different story where people might say here are the documents on how the nsa collects against all of our foreign adversaries. >> as he's trying to seek asylum in russia. >> exactly. so theme atticly he's mad an interesting turn here, and it's
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hard to understand. unless you boil it down to the ideology which spying is wrong, which all countries are supposed to stop, or it should be done out in the open, at which point it's not spying. >> what's your best guess as to what could happen with edward snowden? >> we're in a nightmare scenario, charlie. one likely scenario is the u.s. pressure against all the place he wants to go succeeds and the great law of consequences, we push a guy with a great bag of eavesdropping, there would be a lot. >> and he claims he has a dead man's pack. what's that? >> he east left things with trusted associates. if anything happens to him, supposedly these people have the keys to know how to open these things and outspill the rest of
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the thing. >> thanks, john. one of the top envoys is on the ground in egypt. he's the highest ranking person since the ousting of president mohamed morsi. margaret brennan has more. >> reporter: william burns will hold high-level talks. it's a controversial visit because those rulers came to power through a military coup. thousands of mohamed morsi supporters continue to take to the streets as deputy secretary burns means with the military regime that ousted morsi from power just 12 days ago. he remains under house arrest. burns will push for morsi's release and appeal for a halt to what the u.s. calls politically motivated attacks. violence has killed 92 people in recent days, most of them supporters of the main president. the main goal? pressure for leaders to hole
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elections and to regain stability. the deteriorating security situation is a worry for prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> our concern is the peace treaty with egypt. one of the foundations of that peace treaty was the usa given to egypt. >> and the obama administration is under pressure to remind cairo that the remainder of that aid could depend on their actions. on sunday senators john mccain and lindsey graham called for the administration to suspend assistance in order to force democratic change, a threat that may be limited. the senate acknowledged they should continue their u.s. terrorist agreement and agreement with egypt. secretary burns will also meet face to face with activists, business leaders and religious leaders of the community, many of whom remain suspicious of the
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u.s. mow tigs. cory monteith, the star of "glee," was found dead in his hotel room in canada on saturday. he was being treated for a drug addiction and had checked himself into a rehab program. jeff berardelli is tracking our weather. jeff, how hot will it get? >> charlie, it looks like low to mid-90s for a very good chunk of the country this upcoming week. it is not long but it will last for a few day. it will be 95 on the i-95 corridor from hartford all the way down to philadelphia. notice temperatures out to the west a little cooler, but those will heat up as the heat wave expands to the west. the jet stream is way to the north locking all the cool air up in canada. temperatures will be in the 90s. temperatures will be up to 100
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for a good chunk of the week. we've seen 2 to 4 inches already. we're likely to see another 2 to 4 to ease the extreme drought. today's going to be a bargain in dallas at only 80 degrees. >> jeff berardelli. thank you. the royal baby watch reaches a future pitch. while people around the world can't wait, prince william and soon-to-be mom kate seem to be taking it all in stride. mark phillips is outside in london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. good morning, charlie. the perceived wisdom is the baby could arrive any day. they're doing what, frankly, we're doing. waiting. for all the talk about how this royal baby will be different from all the other royal babies, this royal father-to-be can be found in familiar regional surroundings weight for the big
7:17 am
day on the polo pitch. the sport of kicks is still apparently the sport of kings-in-waiting. he spent part of the day on a pony with more modern transportation at the ready in case the call comes. >> i believe a helicopter is on standby. >> reporter: other people are on stand bitoo. the paparazzi are staked out at the hospital where princess kate is at. >> i think a lot of people here think that it will be a girl. it would be lovely for a queen to know in her lifetime there are two kimgs coming, there will be another queen beyond her
7:18 am
reign. >> reason enough for the expectant public to look its best. in the meantime this is a bookmaker's paradise. you can bet on what baby will come, what sex it will be and what they expect. the due date would have been yesterday. >> thank you, mark. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. wall street jury room says china's economy is not growing as fast as it used to. economists expect china's 2013 drought rate to be the lowest in 20 years. "the boston globe" says the police have arrest add man who was taking pictures of the secretary of state's house. he'll with draw from the world championships next month.
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two other sprinters from jamaica also tested positive. and the "usa today" says the recession is causing women to >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by choice hotels. the official hotel of summer. book direct at
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this morning the mayor of san diego is fighting to keep his job. >> i've reached into my heart and soul and realized i must and will change my behavior. we'll look at the allegations of sexual harassment. terrifying moments at an indiana beach. >> 911. >> my friend's son, he got stuck in a sand dune and he's like under the sand. they can't get him out. >> the race to save a boy trapped under 400 tons of sand. the news is back here in the
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morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by the amazing taste of kfc original recipe, now available without the bones. today tastes so good. hi. hi. hot shot? ♪ how's it taste? ♪ [ gasps ] ♪ woo, boy! [ male announcer ] that hot spicy taste is like a slap to the face. new kfc hot shot bites. 100% breast meat with a spicy cayenne pepper marinade. try 10 hot shots and a boneless bucket, just $15.99. today tastes so good. then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love.
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helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. [ birds chirping ] okay bye bye! [ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? a cleveland indians fan might have had the greatest time he could ever hope for. he snagged four foul balls. he has super tickets but said he was not in his regular seat and he had never caught a foul ball before. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour. why would airlines deliberately keep you from buying an open seat. peter greenberg has the secrets to getting spot you want. a dramatic rescue in
7:30 am
indiana. a 6-year-old boy buried alive in massive sand dunes. people fought through 400 tons to save him. we're going have this remarkable rescue. that is ahead. bob filner is facing multiple accusations of sexual harassment. he only took office in september. his videotaped apology does not appear to be helping him. bill whitaker is in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. good morning, charlie. hoping to calm this political storm, mayor filner said he's going to seek professional help. meanwhile those seeking his resignation are planning to seek another press conference today. mayor filner is not going to step down but he released this most recent video. the most notable challenge bob
7:31 am
filner has fallen out of sight. most years he would be here at the annual gay pride parade with others. this weekend he was a no-show. he's em bloied in controversy and fighting for his job after allegations after sexual harassment were made public by three of his supporters. no details or names have been released but the victims all are believed to be city employees. >> when i receive kedable firsthand evidence of more than one woman being sexually harassed, i could not not act. >> reporter: donna frye was one of his most closed political allies. >> i believe what they have told me and they need to know they're not alone. >> reporter: when a close friend like donna frye calls for my resignation, i'm clearly doing
7:32 am
something wrong. >> reporter: he's known to be combative and confrontational. last week the fiancee who stood by his side while he was sworn in ended their engagement. none of those incidents derailed his political career. mayor filner does not want his political obituary to read harasser er. more than likely, that's where he's likely to end up. he's canceled all of his public appearances today but he knows if he can't change his behavior, he knows he can leave the city. up to 40% of available seats are not shown if you search online. today's news travel editor peter greenberg is with us. good morning. >> we've talked about this
7:33 am
before. people thing all the available inventory and such are online. not even close. it's only what they want to make available online. when it comes to individual airline seats, that's where it gets a little frustrating. you go to book a flight and then grow to the seat chart. well, the original seat chart will show you all the available seats but you're not going to see that chart. you're only going to see the middle seats. the plan is to step you up when, in fact, a lost the seats are available. >> is there a way to do it? >> it's called calling to have a conversation. they're holding back 40% of available seats. some of them are holding for premium flyers and last mint booker. so here's somebody who books a flight and has to spend up to 0
7:34 am
$40 for a seat. >> is it easy to get somebody on the phone? >> yes. it depends on when you call. if you call at 5:00 in the afternoon or early in the morning, forget about it. call at midnight. >> you would know. >> then never take a now from somebody who's not powered in the first place. speak with a supervisor. >> i understand these airlines want to do this, help them raise money. here's an issue. when you have a family and you're traveling with multiple children and they put all your seats in all different places and you can't reach someone online. doesn't that become a problem with the airline for customer service? >> definitely but you asked if question. what customer service? they're essentially flying full.
7:35 am
there's no incentive to put families together. i show you how to keep them together. buy your kids three scoops of ice cream. people will give up their seats. >> second option, call pete jeer a 6-year-old was buried for four hours under sand dunes in indiana. it meant digging through 800,000 pounds of earth. >> reporter: for nathan woessner, it was supposed to be a fun start of summer by camping near the beach when all of a sudden tragedy struck. >> 911. >> my friend's son got stulk in the sand dune and he's stuck under the sand and they can't get him out. >> reporter: he fell into a
7:36 am
sinkhole friday afternoon. when family and friends tried to dig him out, things went from bad to worse. >> they were trying to free him and the whole holcomb pleatly collapsed. >> reporter: it became the scene of a frantic rescue effort by park officials, police and firefighters, even ek ka vags companies and backhoes were mustered to help. >> you know you can't get a very steep angle on your hole. it's going to keep collapsing down on itself. >> reporter: miraculously he was found inside an air pocket 11 feet under the surface. but when he was pulled out, he was not responsive? >> when you're holding a child that you thinks who life was -- it's hard to deal with. >> there were guys on their knees crying all over the place. >> reporter: after the child was transported to the hospital his
7:37 am
exhausted rescuers learned he was gasping for breath and even crying. in short, he was still alive. >> i really hope that we get to meet this young man because he's extraordinary. he went through a lot. >> was never is now at comer children's hospital in chicago in critical condition but he reportedly suffered no brain damage or life-threatening injuries. his grateful parents asked that people pray for their little son's continued recovery. for "cbs this morning," dean reynolds, chicago. >> you cannot imagine. >> you cannot imagine. >> buried alive. >> and that he appears to be okay. and the firefighters working so frantically, their hard work paid off. >> yes, indeed. will car dealerships soon be a thing of the past? we'll talk about how one automaker is driving its own road to success and why some people are trying to stop it. that story ahead on "cbs this morning." my asthma's under control.
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you may have casual friday at your job. yesterday he had casual sunday. he spoke to leaders face to face. he usually gives his sunday sermon from the balcony. pope francis could be seen shaking hands and kissy babies. the move is a big one for tesla. the young automaker sells cars without going through local dealerships. some call it the wave of the future. welcome. >> thank you. >> so what's the significance of this for tesla, and what might they try to do to change the old way of doing business? >> well, it's significant because it's so different than the traditional way of selling
7:43 am
cars. that's the way it's been for 50 years here in the u.s. what's changed now is the tesla says they can sell direct. they want to be lie -- imagine amazon selling you a car. they have some stores but only 30, 35. you would actually bypass the dealers and that has dealers upset. >> there are laws protecting dealers, right? >> yes. in most states you can't bypass them. they're the guys with the little league teams, that can run a small town and keep legislators from letting people sell direct. it's different for them because they're more of a silicon valley model. they're making an electric car but they're also saying we can get the best technology from all sorts of places.
7:44 am
the frame is coming from great britain. it's very high end and very expensive car. >> but the dealer -- they don't need a dealer network is. there anything that can stop them? >> yeah. there's a lot of franchise laws that say yo cannot sell direct. they tried in texas to get this law changed. that's a tough nut to crack. there's an argument that can be made. dealers do serve a purple. they do come up. they help you with financing. they can also help you with service, which is a really big issue. >> what's tesla's answer for that? >> they have a higher quality and you basically need to get out of the way and let sort of transformational, you know, sort of thing happen. >> but tesla, that's what's great about these cars. they're not only rethinking the model of a car but they're also
7:45 am
rethinking the way we buy cars and dealerships which are so much power. >> are they going to make it, tesla? >> yeah. right now you're talking about a manufacturer that's only going to put out 20,000 car this year, compare that to just the toyota corolla. >> this car sells for about 90 thousand when you add everything up. >> yes. >> is there anybody who tries to do that with a small inexpensive car so he can do the same thing? >> they're trying. they started out with something called the tesla rosa. this comes in. they're coming out with model x which is sort of an suv and is going to be priced less than
7:46 am
only on "cbs this morning," the maryland man who swam five hours in rough seas to save his family trapped on a sinking boat. >> so was there any point where you felt like, okay, i don't know if i'm going to make this. >> yeah, yep, a lot of times. >> reporter: jeff pegues has this incredible story of survival. that's straight ahead on "cbs this morning." before copd...
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me maybe" should not expect a call from the bull pen. carly rae jepsen bounced the ball in front of the pitch 'eers mound. her pitch wound up closer to the photographer than the catcher. >> we all have our strengths. all right. we all know that j.k. rowling is capable of wizardy, but nobody expected the author of "harry potter" to morph into a crime novelist. we'll show you more. that story is ahead on "cbs this morning." your life is a game of chance. but what if the odds could be in your favor? botox® is an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by a doctor once every 3 months.
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welcome black to . welcome back to "cbs this morning." protests across the country after george zimmerman was found not guilt. a maryland man swam five hours in stormy seas to save his family after his boat capsized. only on "cbs this morning" we'll meet the family. and last night's season
8:00 am
repremiere of "the newsroom" brought mixed reviews. we'll speak with aaron sorekin. first a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> there's emotional reaction this morning after the acquittal of george zimmerman. in los angeles sunday large crowds marched into the streets. >> it's not plausible but certainly possible, they may go after him through a civil rights lawsuit. >> if he has nsa blueprints, what are the -- >> you would say, oh, this is how it works. let me use countermeasures to close up those. >> a state diplomat will hold talks with egyptian leaders. >> it looks hot for this
8:01 am
upcoming week? the royal birth could be happening any day now. they're doing what we're doing, waiting. the airlines could be selling seat bus in some cases they're hiding them. >> they set you up to buy a premium coach seat. and a 6-year-old boy was trapped for four hours. >> we weren't going to give up. the singer of "call me maybe" should not expect to be called from the bull pen. >> we all have our days. >> you can't expect great singer to be a great pitcher. >> exactly. we all have our days. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" is presented by choice hotels. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king. good to be back. >> we missed you, charlie, we really did. >> and norah o'donnell. the acquittal of george zimmerman by a jury spark proceed tests in cities around the country. they called for justice for
8:02 am
trayvon martin. >> one of the largest protests of the new york city. hundreds march into time square bringing traffic to a standstill. the rallies were mostly peaceful. the march in los angeles turned violent when protesters clashed with police. they also shut down interstate 10. >> they say he violated trayvon martin's civil rights by violentviolent ly . >> the naacp says nearly half a million people have signed the online petition urging the justice department to pursue civil rights charges against george zimmerman. we spoke with the president of the naacp at the organization's national convention in yond. >> the justice system has more to do. it's not over with.
8:03 am
>> reporter: when you talk about them stepping in, what would it look like? >> they would step in and file federal civil rights charges proeskly based on the hate crime which says in effect a hate crime is a hate crime no matter where it happens. >> the case went to trial. there was a verdict. shouldn't you accept it? >> we put our faith in the justice system, but we ultimately accept this verdict. but just as we accept this verdict, the country should accept that we have civil rights laws for a reason and that there is more that cannot just be done but should be done. >> in a statement the department of justice says it is looking to the state's case here in sanford to see if there are any charges that should be pursued and if there's enough evidence to support them. norah, gayle, charlie? >> thank you, michelle. asiana airlines says it will
8:04 am
sue its television station. they reported fake and racially offensive names for the plane crash earlier this month. three people died at that accident at san francisco international airport. they say it damaged their reputation. the anchor who read the names has apologized on air. the ntsb is taking the blame. they said, quote, in response to an iniery, a summer intern acted outside of his authority when he err roan russly confirmed the names on the flight of the aircraft. forecasters say temperatures will reach into the high 80s to mid-90s frrks the great lakes to the mid-atlantic. it's expected to last until friday. there will also be severe heat into the west in idaho. canadians are planning an autopsy of actor cory monteith. he was found dead in a hotel room on saturday. carter evans looks at the
8:05 am
performer and his troubled life. ♪ just a small town girl living in a lonely world ♪ >> ever since his debut, he's played finn hudson, a high school football player who also loved to sing in among the harmonious cast. >> it's rare to find an actor who can be seen as a rare athletic cool high school jock who's seen as a mufg. ♪ i want to be the one in the sun ♪ >> reporter: monteith was last seen entering his vancouver hotel room alone friday night after going out with friends. when he failed to check out on saturday his body was found by hotel staff. on "glee tsz question face add long period of problems frefrg
8:06 am
relationship woes to a pregnancy scare. >> whatever i did, i'm sorry. >> i'm pregnant. >> but those issues pailed in co comparison to his real life woes. the 31-year-old said he just completed a rehab stint three years ago. >> they have had issues, kicked them, and relapsed. so if that's the case here, i don't think people will be too surprised, hour, the fact that it could have escalated to the point it would kill him, thank is the big shock. >> monteith's on-screen and real life girlfriend lea michele is in mourning. michele has asked for privacy. "glee" has just been renew fword
8:07 am
more seasons and he was expected to get bigger. carter evans, los angeles. >> so tragic, you know? >> it's bad story. they said they had talked to him that day and that week and he seemed fine, very vrks -- they said about drug addiction, if that turns out to be the case, it's very difficult thing. >> very difficult. and a former mayor of harrison spent big bucks on a wild west museum. it didn't work out so the items are going on the auction block. the money will help pay down harrison's $300 million debt. tomorrow on "cbs this morning" we'll take you behind the scenes of this auction. well, no news is not good news if all the reporters in london waiting for retailer baby. dozens are still camped out where the duchess of cambridge
8:08 am
will give birth. one leading book maker says many of its customers are betting today or tomorrow will be the day. i feel that we've been hearing it's going to be any day now for at least the past ten days. >> that's right. >> i think tomorrow. >> you think tomorrow? you've place yourd bet. >> you have it on good authority? >> yes. >> we know this. whenever the baby comes, the media is ready. we're ready for this story. >> i can't wait. >> i really can't wait. i don't know if i can't believe
8:09 am
nobody writes like aaron sorkin and now he's back in studio 57. we'll ask him which current events will make it into the cbs newsroom. all that mattered. the movie that blew up the box office. that's a really good clue. can you name it? the answer's coming up next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by choice hotels, the official hotel of summer. book direct at it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain.
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8:13 am
all that mattered 25 years ago today, "diehard," bruce willis stars as john maclean, a city cop who visits los angeles when bad guys take a building hostage. willis became a superstar. there's the newest one that came out in february, "a good day to die hard."
8:14 am
"despicable me 2" has made $200 million. >> an nation is very good. only on "cbs this morning" a man swam five hours through a storm to save his family. >> reporter: i'm jeff pegues on the shores of chesapeake bay. i'm going have more on this incredible rescue story coming up. >> announcer: "cbs this morning" sponsored by lifestyle lift. find out how you can light up your life.
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two build your own chicken wraps with a side of chips. how do you put a price on that? oh, four dollars?! i guess that's how. build your own chicken wraps, just $4 on denny's $2$4$6$8 value menu ®. last tuesday john riggs made a life-or-death decision. the fishing boat he and his family was on began sinking. he knew the only way to get help would be to swim for it.
8:18 am
he sat down with our jeff pegues. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, norah. this is where john came to shore after the five-hour swim. his ordeal and that of his family began as they were fishing from their boat in the watt bhiernld me. the boat overturned. there were five of them on board ranging in age from 3 to 70. the boat was going under. they had to make a decision. it was around 7:00 p.m. land was five miles away. >> i very much knew from the get-go what kind of trouble we were in. >> it was getting dark. the storm was rolling in. >> john looked at me and said should i swim for it. i said yeah. he said you're going to owe me a pair of shoes because he had to kick off his shoes. he started swimming. >> how choppy was the water? . probably 2 to 3-foot seas.
8:19 am
enough to keep you from getting your breath right. >> he didn't know how far the shore was. behind him his wife, three children and conrad. they gripped the bow in the water while getting stung by jellyfish. >> were you overwhelmed emotionally. >> i think if conrad, my son and emily wouldn't have been there, i probably would have lost it. so it was really about staying calm, reassuring. >> emily, did you know you were that good a swimmer? >> no. >> no? so what was it that kept you holding on? >> just thinking about we we could drink hot chocolate and put a blanket around me. >> reporter: as for john he had to find a way to keep himself
8:20 am
going. >> was there any point where you felt like, okay, i don't know if i'm going to make this? >> yeah, yep, a lot of times. and i'd just get thinking if something happened to them out there and i didn't do everything possible, you know, i'd never be able to live with myself. >> john finally reached land at 1:00 a.m. five hours after leaving his family behind he made it to a woman's front door. it was early in the morning. they called 911. >> and your name. >> my name's john riggs. >> okay. are you on the boat now? >> no. i swam ashore. >> what? >> i've been swimming since sundown to get to shore. >> john and contessa are hearing the call for help for the first time. >> contessa, what do you think? >> amazing how calm you were. i would have lost it after they kept asking all those questions. i'd be like just do something. >> the next morning seven and a
8:21 am
half hours after their boat had capsized, they were rescued. >> there's a part of it that doesn't seem real. like it seems like maybe it was just a dream or even worse, you know, this is just a dream and i'm still out on that boat. holding on. >> so what? you're a hero. >> i don't feel like it. a hero is superman or something like that. i'm just a family man just trying to take care of my family. >> reporter: contessa says she's going to get john that pair of shoes she promised him before he made that five-hour swim. fortunately through all this, no serious injuries, scrapes, and bruises, sore muscles, that's it. they really credit their life vests for saving their lives out there, and, of course, uncle john. gayle, norah, charlie? >> hey, jeff, do you happen to know how old john riggs is.
8:22 am
>> reporter: i'm sorry, gayle? >> do you know how old john riggs is? >> reporter: john riggs is 46 years old and a strong, strong man. >> that's an amazing story. i guess your adrenaline kicks in. >> five hours in rough se
8:23 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, last night season two of aaron sorkin's "the news request room" premiered. aaron sorkin is in the green room. >> are you calling me? >> you don't have to come out yet. we just want to know how you feel about the premiere last
8:30 am
night. aaron? hay, aaron? >> that was spontaneous awkwardness. >> can we go home? >> we'll talk with aaron when he comes out. >> he's sitting next to new york times mark leibovich. he has a new book exposing what really goes on in our nation's capitol. that's ahead. "new york times" says some track your cell phone. some customers complain. some tech experts make customers feel like they're being talked. britain's the independence is slamming jennifer lopez. she god paid $10 million for, quote, sayre nating crook croog thugs and cronies.
8:31 am
>> the "los angeles times" says a survey says in hotels they have wouked out with soap, towels, even lamps. i would never take a lamp or a sheet. charlie what are you taking out of the hotel room? are you taking a tv? >> no. danica patrick took out her boyfriend. she lost control and slid into her boyfriend ricky stenhouse jr. who bunched up with another driver. in the end she wound up 37th. >> that's got to be awkward, sorry i slammed into you. "harry potter's" author jk recalling is now writing under a fake name.
8:32 am
the mystery of her new novel has just been solved. >> reporter: the book at the center of the caper is "the cuckoo's calling," the one by detective robert galbraith. >> they noticed he shared an editor and publisher with superstar rk rowling and eventually they revealed the two writers were actually one in the same person. the cuckoo's calling whoez sales had been a little anemic rocketed up it's opened up a whole new avenue of writing for her and i think it's possible she might pick up new fans, people who
8:33 am
like to read classic mystery stories, people whoever too old for "harry potter." >> reporter: the cuckoo's calling" is rolling out scored. she wrote the casual vacancy." >> i will be happy if i can can writing. it's nearly everything. it's not everything but i need to h. i need to write. >> reporter: the "harry potter" southeast, seven volumes sold over 700 million. for "cbs this morning," elizabeth palmer, london. >> that story, the second season of hbo's "the newsroom" featured last night. the biggest drama is behind the
8:34 am
scenes. >> you'll have to tell me what the story is. >> no. >> she can lead us to someone who needs to apologize. >> what does she want an apology for? >> being smug. >> really. >> i know. i can't -- >> you're full of beans today, aren't you? >> that's a no, isn't it? >> aaron sorkin is promising big changes in the new season. welcome. >> good to be here. >> big changes. what do you mean? more romance and less news? >> no no. what's great about hbo is each season can be like a different vacuum of the same books tlch's
8:35 am
one overarching story that takes us through the entire season that all the other stories are hung on and these guys have -- it's based on something called tail wind that hamid in 1998. >> a libel action is sort of the center for everything else. >> yes. >> you admit agonizing a lot over season 2. in fact, going back to hbo and asking if you could redo it. >> right. yes. agonizing. that's not the first thing. i got -- i'd written the first three episodes, shot the first two and there was nothing wrong with those but i saw that the structure that i had installed was going to wear out around episode 5 or 6 so i went to hbo and asked to do something very costly. they didn't hesitate before they said yes. they've been fathering. >> did you watch it last night. >> i did watch it last night
8:36 am
it's different than sitting at home and watching it on tv like a regular viewer. >> absolutely. you want to feel what it feels like. television, i don't need to tell you guys, is different. it's a more intimate experience. >> experts always watch it at home. >> you should. and back in the old days, woody allen wouldn't allow his shows to be shown on tell vags because he didn't thing people would laugh when they were by themselves. >> we had jeff daniels here but let me ask you. why would you do a show about the newsroom? >> i love workplace dramas. it felt like an excising workplace, one where you could tell a variety of different stories. the reason why it's from the recent past is not to show the
8:37 am
pros here's how you should have done it a year and a half ago. i don't have anything approaching that level of sophistication to do that. the reason why said it is i like the dynamic you can have with the audience. >> here's what's interesting to me. you said, i don't know anything about ratings and i have the ratings to fwhak up, but if i were the president of cnn, i would put the smartest people in a newsroom and i would ask them this question. what would a utopia look like and what would stop us from doing that? my question is the newsroom your utopian news show? >> you know, no. and here's why. i don't know enough to make a utopian news show. >> i have to tell you the difference between writing a show and doing the news is the twirchs between drawing a binlding and doing a building which is to say they're almost
8:38 am
always unrelated. >> the thing that i like about the show is when you look at the news today, the zimmerman verdict, ash ya na plane crash, weight for the royal babe, do you see any of those making their way on southbound 2 of the newsroom? >> it would be season 3. first of all, no one's asked us to do a third season. >> would you like a third season? >> of course. wh who wouldn't. >> i would like to ask you about cory monteith. you've been very candid about your drus use and he has too. before he died he was talk with friends and before he died he was in such a good place. that's why it's such a surprise. >> let me be clear i don't know any of the surkss surrounding what happened to cory and i wouldn't want to speculate on
8:39 am
anything. i want to make clear to your viewers. i had a cocaine addiction for ten years. this last april, it's been 12 years that i've been clean. being in good mood, that's dangerous time. >> how so? >> once you're clean and sober, you don't know how to celebrate anymore. you've forgotten how do that. for me those have been the strarjest times, opening night, winning an award. what you want to do is the stick with your friending frmt but something so fantastic is happening that's the moment that you think, boy, i deserve it tonight or this is the way i know how to celebrate. frankly what you have to do is go to bed early that night. >> that's why i wut stunning to his friends.
8:40 am
he was good. >> yeah. if there's an addict that you love, don't look for them to be in a terribly dark place. it can happen just as easily when you're on top of the world. >> back to "the newsroom," what gift do you have and what's the gift to lie dodger. >> they used to take me to see place when i was way too young to under like "who's afraid of virginia woolf" when i was 9d years old. that becomes your new style. >> in the news. reus, charlie rose, jane fonda who plays a character says she thinks her character would have slept with charlie rose. >> yeah. explain this to me, please.
8:41 am
>> it's a good compliment. >> good choice. i thought so too. >> jane fonda in this season has surprised us with some of the things she's said. she's certainly not done with her life. >> why did she choose me? >> who wouldn't choose you, aaron sorkin. >> back at you. my favorite moment is bill mcavoy listen in the bar. that just got me right there. >> thanks. and lots of times when i'm stuck which is all the time, one way is i drive around and listen to music. sometimes i'll listen to a song -- i want to write the segment that will go aloud with that store. >> thank you so much. from the fictional world of politics to a real
8:42 am
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8:44 am
. writer mark leibovich has written a new book, a piece inside the culture and personalities. it's called "this town, plenty of parking and a funeral." good morning. >> hi, norah. >> you talk about people trading on influence, being part of the club, which you admit being part of. >> right. >> what's new. >> what's new is there's so much more money than there ever was before. this was not true 30 40rk years ago. and also there's so much more media.
8:45 am
people don't know the full sort of extent of the circus that washington has become over the last decade or so. >> here has it become any different? you describe d.c. is that any different than l.a. or new york? >> not as much as you'd think. there's one big difference. washington is built on service. american people are paying for this. my even this is a city that is fundedpy, you know, taxpayers, corporations are just throwing a lot of money into it. and frankly, i mean, there's an expectation that it should be different. so, yes, it has a lot in common with silicon valley, wall street. i mean washington is supportedly a different kind of city. >> are you worried about people in washington speaking to you at this point.
8:46 am
associate misfit, probably teased as a youngster at the gym. magnetism of a dried snail who could pass as an oddball. senator schumer, a bombastic jew and -- wow, mark, are you worried about the next time you one of these? >> first of all, i don't think it's relevant. >> what's the point you're making. >> as a journalistist you have to write what you see. you know, journalism should be uncomfortable. that's what we should be doing. we should be making people and readers uncomfortable. people are focusing on the who
8:47 am
news and gossip and what very you but the more serious group, people who run your country and to run your country. >> this chicken and egg issue which is do they give them what they want and they've told them in a lot of ways and if in fact the public showed it appreciated more analysis and more gative reporting and more foreign news it would be there. i think it would. i think so some degree the marketplace speaks. but i also think in politic as what you've seen recently is america does speak, you know, with their numbers. immigration reform is going to get a lot closer now than it ever did because people see the numbers ben fitz there. that your book takes a whack at
8:48 am
journalistism is one cocktail awaying being a sellout. is there a thing where they gain access in order to garner some insider information? >> yes, there is. >> do you know what i'm saying? >> i totally do. >> all of -- all of your anecdotes in the book are from you an tends the very cocktail parties that you dislike. >> right. well, now at o well, not all of them. when you go, you're working. you pick up a lot of stuff. you could have a larger fills so calf luxury. i don't have the luxury of being a fellow one. >> you call yourself out when you think i was grinning a little bit too much in that picture and the other title
8:49 am
could have been suck up city. >> absolutely. thichlg that's a big part of it. >> good to see you. "this town" goes on said for tuesday moving.
8:50 am
8:51 am
charlie's come back in a good mood. >> i think it's done him good. >> mountain air, sporks. >> i can picture it. jane fonda, charlie and jane sitting there going, hello, charlie. >> i don't think so. that does it for us.
8:52 am
we'll see you tomorrow morning on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: closed captioning sponsored by sittry cal. [ female announcer ] your smile.
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right now, get whole-home installation for just 37 bucks. it's up to the jury. >> what we've learned about the six women who will decide the fate of george zimmerman. >> i think that they're neutral people. i think they're unbiased, and race is not an issue for them. >> then, a mother's nightmare. her-year-old baby dragged under a car. then the driver takes off. and "sharknado"! the tv movie and the social media storm. >> it's a "sharknado"!


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